Evolving Practices & Products

These interactive timelines created by students trace the evolution of select foods and food varieties now considered “American.” Entries show how immigration and migration, gender, race, and class shaped food traditions and demonstrate how cultural collaborations occurred to “create” many foods identified as unique regional cuisine in America. Entries also explore how those foods continue to evolve and adapt as they expand beyond the United States. Scroll through the timeline to view entries to the present day.

The Development and Impact of Canned Foods by Donald Etheridge

Bite-sized Happiness: The History of M&M’S® by Jaianna Johnson

“How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You”: Wedding Cake in the United States by Mia Tankersley

Dole and the “Glam” Pineapple by XiaoLong Woods

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!: Instant Coffee Shaping America by Elizabeth Greif

A History of Artificial Sweeteners by Briana Tautiva

A History of Chinese Food in America by Chi-Yu Chang

Manischewitz Matzo and the Growing Standardization, Commoditization, and Availability of Traditional Kosher Foods in America by Sylvia Hickman

A History of Peanut Butter in the United States by Nadine Mannering

Out of Africa and into the Box: The Journey of Grits by Mia Tankersley

Cream of Wheat Brand is Born by Kris Bolt

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